Date: 17/09/2019
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Helping Opry Mills® Mall recover from hail damage

Opry Mills® is a large retail shopping facility and has been a Kimbro Mechanical customer for several years. During the downtime after the 2010 Flood, there was a hail storm that caused damage to the roof-mounted air conditioners. Remediation involved removing the damaged coils, which were taken to a recycler; installation of new coils; and ensuring operation of the new coils met manufacturer's specifications. Kimbro was contracted to repair almost 200 coils. Protective hail guards were installed on the new coils to safeguard against future hail damage. The consequence of not installing them was evident. The damage to the coils kept the equipment from transferring heat out of the building.

Kimbro Mechanical was awarded the planned maintenance of the equipment through a competitive bid process. Several factors were important in the award: price, past performance, capability, and ability to document unit performance once the repair was made.

Mills Corporation has strict requirements for working on the rubber membrane roof of the mall. The membrane can be easily punctured by tools or sharp objects, such as screws, dropped by careless workers. Damaging water leaks can then result. Qualified contractors must be bonded against such damage and there has never been a claim against Kimbro's bond.

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