Wednesday, 19 December 2012
Helping Students Learn through Better Environmental Control

Mike Graves , COO/Partner tells how.

Lipscomb University decided to renovate an existing women’s dorm. At the time we did the renovation it had 130 tons of chilled water with a two pipe system where they had to either heat or cool. They could not independently heat or cool any of the rooms.   If the heat was on and the sun was shining in on the windows on one side of the building they could not just cool those rooms and leave the heat on for the shaded rooms. The installation had to be done during the period when the school was out and before campus life started up. We took the existing system and disconnected all the chilled water pipes, removed the chilled water air handlers, the wall side mount units, and installed a DVR (Digital Variable Refrigeration) system.   This is state of the art equipment that takes the refrigeration and moves the heat load around through the system based on a set of MCU (Master Control Unit) boxes that modulate this refrigerant to individual rooms and loads.  By doing this they are able to heat and cool the building without any auxiliary electrical heat at all, down to -10 degrees on heating and +95 degrees on cooling.  That’s what the system is rated at but it does a little better than that.  We removed 45 individual units and installed 45 new units and did this in less than two and half months. We ran over 2 miles of copper pipes, insulated all the pipes, installed the MCU units and installed the main air handler, 8 exhaust fans,  and built a chase from the roof to the bottom of the first floor.  We did all this in 2 ½  months.

Mike Graves

Posted on 12/19/2012 5:32 PM by Mike Graves
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